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SAi +EnRoute for Flexi gives sign shops the ability to take their flat designs in Flexi and send
them to their CNC machines quickly and easily. With simple tools and a fast workflow, SAi
+Enroute for Flexi is an ideal solution for sign shops that want to cut thicker more rigid
materials using designs that were created in Flexi. 


   Top Benefits and Features

   Faster CNC Router Production

  • Includes complete 2D and 2.5D CNC toolpath engine for designs created in Flexi
  • Easily save and reuse commonly needed toolpaths
  • Automatic cleanup for converting curves to lines and arcs for CNC Router output


   Easily Make Better Signs

  • Advanced toolpath control for multi-pass cutting and better edge quality
  • Channel Tags for channel letter backs
  • Inlay for push through letters


   Reduce Mistakes and Waste

  • Bridges to prevent materials being cut from moving
  • 2D and 3D Simulation to verify output order and toolpaths before production
  • Provides estimated cut time for more better production scheduling

    Seamless Workflow with Flexi

    Just click the “Send to EnRoute” button in Flexi and the design file automatically opens in +EnRoute for Flexi

    Easy Workflow


  +EnRoute for Flexi offers limited features. The full version of SAi EnRoute is required for additional capabilites such as 3D engraving or texturing  

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