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    Commercial Printing Software

    Introducing PixelBlaster for the high volume, super-wide format and specialty printing businesses. This is the commercial printing software you have been looking for.

    PixelBlaster is a genuine end-to-end system that covers pre-flight to production. By touching all aspects of your workflow, PixelBlaster allows the various elements of your shop to work together as one cohesive unit, ultimately making your business more efficient and profitable.

    PixelBlaster stands apart from other workflow RIPs with standardized printing. By standardizing color based on industry-accepted profiles (GRACoL, ISO, Euroscale, FOGRA), PixelBlaster enables diverse printers to automatically generate the same predictable and reproducible output quality and color – regardless of the brand of hardware, the type of inks or the substrates used. A truly remarkable commercial printing software.

    PixelBlaster is also modular, giving you the flexibility to grow your shop without changing software, and is Mac/Win compatible.

    PixelBlaster... raising the standard.
    Current Version
    The latest version of PixelBlaster is v2. To find your current version of the commercial printing software and build, open PixelBlaster and click Help>About. Check for free service updates to your version by opening PixelBlaster and clicking Help > Software Update, or by subscribing to our mailing list.
    Award Winning Software
    PixelBlaster was awarded "Best Wide Format Software Solution" by the 2012 European Digital Press Association. Find out for yourself how PixelBlaster can revolutionize your wide format workflow.

    Click to read EDP's announcement »   Click to read SAi's press release »

    PixelBlaster Product Modules
    PB Profiler allows you to create printer profiles for industry-accepted standards, including GRACoL, ISO, Euroscale, FOGRA and N-Color.
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