FlexiPRINT HP Latex-Edition Portfolio

Build 2402 Update for SAi FlexiPRINT HP Latex Edition Version 12

For Version 12 (all builds prior to 2402)
(For all previous builds, click here for upgrade instructions.)

To Install this Update:

1. Open the SAi FlexiPRINT Production Manager application.
2. In the auto-update notification pop-up dialog box, click Yes.
3. At the top of the web window on the right, click Download Now link. (If the web window is not open in Production Manager, click View at the top menu and check the Cloud Page option.)
4. Download the installation file and close all SAi FlexiPRINT software applications.
5. Run the installation and follow the instructions. To upgrade a previous installation, allow the installer to overwrite the existing install and select Do Not Clear Preferences.

What's new in this build (2402):

Updated HP Libraries for the 300 Series with better support for printing simultaneously to multiple printers
Added HP Certified driver support for the HP Latex 315, 335, 365, 375, 560 and 570 printers in the FlexiPRINT HP Latex Premium and Pro Edition product levels
Added HP Certified driver support for the HP Latex 315 and 335 printers in the FlexiPRINT HP Latex Basic Edition product
Support for new HP Online Media Management server    
Ink Prediction for the HP Latex 560 and 570
Continuous job printing support for all HP Latex 300 and 500 series printers
When adding a printer, the Find Device button now only shows the devices on the network of the selected model

Free SAi FlexiPRINT HP Latex Edition Version 12 Download

For all previous builds to Version 12 build 2253

Download and Installation Instructions

    1. Open your FlexiPRINT Software, open the cloud web window and click on the green icon labeled “Free v12 Download,” which will open your web browser.
    2. Copy the activation code from the page in your web browser, because you will need it for step 6 below.
    3. Click the Download button, download and run the “SAi_Software_Download.exe” program.
    4. Close all FlexiPRINT software applications.
    5. Run the upgrade installer and follow the on-screen instructions.
    6. At the end of the software installation, License Manager will ask you for your activation code. Paste the code you copied in step 2.  

What's New in Version 12 of SAi FlexiPRINT Premium and FlexiSIGN-Pro HP Latex Editions:


Banner and Canvas Finishing Tools:

Dramatically reduce your time finishing pop-up banners, hanging banners and canvas artwork. With these new tools you can prepare all finishing aspects of banners – including grommet marks, folds, stitch marks and bleeds in a matter of seconds. This especially saves you finishing time on longer print runs where you would have manually marked grommets. Also use the auto-bleed and marks for quick preparation of canvas jobs. How do I do this?

Job Nesting Alignment Tools:

New one-click alignment controls give you fast job nesting placement across roll or sheet-fed media. Nest a group of jobs on the right, center or left of your media. Also align jobs along their edges for faster and easier cutting. 

Automated Job Tiling:

Get increased automation and produce tiled print jobs quicker by applying Presets that can now include job tiling settings. You can now save even the most complex tiling setup and apply it to new print jobs automatically. 

Mobile App: 

The SAi Cloud mobile app gives you on-the-go access to the recent job list, production information and job trends using your iPhone and Android mobile devices, including Apple Watch and Android Wear devices. Click to visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store to download and install the app!  

Support for Windows 10:

Worry-free computer upgrades with Windows 10, 8 and 7 compatibility. 

View and Change Vinyl Cutting Order: 

Speed up your cutting with the Cut Order tool. See the pattern in which design objects will be cut, and change the order manually or let Flexi Design optimize for best speed. This tool also optimizes the starting point of cutting for each object, which further reduces your production time on complex vinyl cut jobs. 

Animated Cut Viewer Tool: 

See exactly how your designs will cut before actually cutting with the new cut preview tool in Flexi Design. The animated preview quickly shows you all blade and cut movements for a single or all vinyl color layers. How do I do this?

Contour Cut True Shape Nesting: 

Maximize media savings for print-and-cut jobs with the new contour cut true shape nesting, which automatically rotates and nests images based on their actual shape. Import multiple bitmaps or vector images into Flexi, add a contour cut path and true shape nest them – all in a matter of seconds. Then send the nest to Flexi Production Manager or conveniently export it to other RIP software. How do I do this?

Artwork Approval Tool:

Save time and get designs approved quicker using Flexi’s new Artwork Approval tool. Send designs directly to customers so they can review and comment on the artwork through their web browser. Your SAi Cloud account automatically tracks each approval project and revision, as well as notifies you when customers have reviewed or approved artwork. How do I do this?

QR and Data Matrix Code Generation:

The new QR Code Creator in Flexi Design makes it fast and easy to add interactive elements to your customer’s signage. The new tool automatically converts text into a QR code of the correct type for web links, email addresses, phone numbers and SMS messages. Also create Data Matrix codes for customers needing inventory labels. Both the QR and Data Matrix Code creators work seamlessly with Flexi’s Auto Serialization Tool, allowing fast and easy creation of a series of codes for variable-data print jobs. How do I do this?

What's New in Version 12 of SAi FlexiPrint Basic HP Latex Edition 


Support for Windows 10




Job Nesting Alignment Tools