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Accurate Output Every Time

PixelBlaster is a true PDF-based RIP that processes files with precision, no matter what design program was used to create them. Using the True Shape Nesting feature, you can minimize the space around each image and still rely on PixelBlaster to contour cut the job with extreme accuracy to reduce the cost on expensive substrates.

PixelBlaster also ensures accuracy at every step of production. From the beginning, a designer can open a file in Central module and use the Error Check tool that uses a green checkmark or a red X to denote whether the file has correct resolution, input profiles, overprint and more. After a job is RIPed, you can view the actual RIP data to ensure a job that may have multiple transparencies, layers and blends is rendered correctly before printing. These powerful tools greatly reduce costly errors and training time. 

Scalability and Ease

Using modular building blocks, PixelBlaster can be easily tailored and scaled to fit users’ needs in mixed Macintosh or Windows environments. With more than 800 drivers to run your devices, PixelBlaster can be run in a mixed Macintosh and Windows environment. The licensing structure for PixelBlaster is over a network, so that any computer on the network at any time can use any module. This licensing model reduces bottlenecks by allowing design and production to run on separate computers. The modules of PixelBlaster allow you to easily tailor and scale the program to fit your business’s needs.

Expand to New Markets

Textiles and Soft Signage

PixelBlaster makes printing on textiles highly cost effective. PixelBlaster offers features like Step & Repeat to save you time and computer resources. RIP a single tile, then step and repeat as many times as necessary to fill the substrate. Use Drop Sizes like Half Drop, Mirror Drop or Custom Drop to make the pattern look truly repetitive. The Colorways feature makes different colorations from  your original pattern, all within the same job.

Specialty printing

PixelBlaster offers true N-Color support for non-standard ink sets. It’s now possible to print on ceramics, glass, textiles and other soft signage, all with consistent color over time and across various printers, ink types and substrates.
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